The path to making a cultural project a reality necessarily involves individuals and companies that financially support and sponsor the initiative. This is an institutional relationship built on trust. Trust is earned through work and time. It’s not just rhetoric; it’s a construction grounded in relationships, transparency, tangible, and measurable results. We are attentive listeners, a significant advantage in times of superficial readings. We make it a point to understand our partners to align projects with their purposes, where culture weaves itself into a beneficial societal tapestry. We serve as a two-way bridge, connecting the public and private sectors in multiple and innovative ways. This makes us significant: we rank among the top ten fundraisers in Brazil.

This small but mighty piece of information is of immeasurable importance to us because it enables us to do more. It allows new investors to join, and those who already support us to remain and expand their contributions to culture. Cultivating culture is our heartbeat; it’s why we exist, with eyes and hearts focused on a rich and diverse country that has so much to marvel us.


  • Time: 12 years.
  • Differentiator: project management focused on national culture, inclusion, and democratization of access to cultural assets.
  • Number of proprietary projects: over 70 proprietary projects submitted to incentive laws and cultural promotion calls.
  • Job creation: each project employs a minimum of 150 professionals directly and over 300 indirectly.
  • Fundraising volume: among the top 10 production companies in Brazil in fundraising volume vs. values approved in projects. Since its foundation, over 80 million has been managed in cultural projects.
  • 70% of sponsoring companies have participated in more than one project for years: loyalty.
  • We expanded project itinerancy in 2021 with experiences in the countryside of Paraná, and for the next years, over 20 Brazilian cities will host Montenegro’s projects.
  • International presence also marks the beginning of this expansion planned for 2024, with exhibitions in Portugal and the USA.
  • The producer’s management is composed of 80% women from the communication field.
  • Mission: to become the largest producer of cultural projects in the world.
  • Values: prioritize Brazilian art, the country’s history, and our artists.
  • 12 Brazilian states (BA, MG, RJ, CE, PE, MA, RS, RN, PR, SC, GO, SP)


Approved by the Rouanet Law, with classification under Article 18, the Casa dos Sentidos project offers sponsors investment quotas with tax benefits.

Learn how to invest


  • taxed based on real profit
  • sponsorship of up to 4% of the due income tax


  • paying income tax through a complete form
  • donation of up to 6% of the due income tax



The sponsor chooses the amount to be invested.


The sponsor deposits the amount into the project’s account.


The sponsor issues a document that, attached to the income tax declaration, ensures a deduction in taxes.


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Conceptualization and Creative Direction: Carolina Montenegro
Executive Production: Camila Guanabara | Curation: Giuzy de Luca and Carolina Montenegro
Guest Artists: André Coelho, Guilherme Zawa, Veronica Fukuda, Eduardo Ramos, Marcos Scorzelli, Aline Provensi, Bruna Alcantara, Bruno Romã, Daniélle Carazzai, and Marcella Calado
Architects: Nonnie Fenianos, Guta Nagano, Mariana Saltini, Givago Ferentz
Graphic Design: Caio Vitoriano | Art Assistants: Patrick Miguel, Lorena Schimidt
Production Assistant: Aline Cardoso | Online Media: Poliana Przybyszewski
Offline Media: Caroline Enke | Social Media: Bruna Alcantara
Writing: Daniélle Carazzai | Photography: Brunno Covello and Daniel Swiek
Press Office: Eduardo Betinardi | Technical Coordination: Renato Hollanda Cavalcant
Technical Assistant: Rafaelle Cristina | Responsible Researcher: Jocian Machado Bueno