Brazil is globally renowned for the value of its culture. Since 2010, we at Montenegro have been one of the voices representing this nation. We conceptualize, fundraise, execute, and account for cultural projects. There have been over 80 projects, creating 3 thousand direct and indirect jobs. Theatre, visual arts, photography, literature, heritage – this richness nourishes our souls. And the economy too.

In 2020 alone, cultural projects approved under the Rouanet Law mobilized 3.4 billion reais. Resources that generate employment, income, and pride. Any company that complies with bureaucratic norms can allocate 4% of its income tax to support a cultural project. Tax turns into orchestra, museum, library, art and more. It shapes labor, markets, audiences. It helps maintain the identity of a community. That’s what culture is. Generation and distribution of wealth. Material and symbolic richness.

Not only does it embody the highest worth of the nation, but it also serves as a means to generate value.


The appreciation of Brazilian culture and the promotion of regional artists as pillars in the construction of a national heritage identity. With this purpose, Guanabara Cultural Production now shares the leading role in the development of cultural projects with its “sister company,” Montenegro Cultural Productions. Both have been working together for 12 years in the production field.

With a portfolio of over 80 cultural projects conceived, funded, and executed in various areas such as theatre, visual arts, photography, literature, and heritage, Montenegro now joins forces with Guanabara in initiatives that seek to keep alive the ancestral culture of the Brazilian people through the broad democratization of these knowledge forms expressed in artistic endeavors.